2016-11-18 - Altium

Altium Designer 17 update adds routing tool

ActiveRoute enables designers to guide their routes across the entire board in minutes.

2016-11-16 - DDC-I

Cache partitioning enables RTOS safety-critical response

SafeMC’s patented cache partitioning and memory pools facilitate a fine-grained layout of physical RAM that minimises cache effects.

2016-08-09 - Faraday Technology

12.5G SerDes PHY shortens design cycle on 28HPCU process

The 12.5G SerDes PHY development marks the first in a series of joint IP porting projects on UMC's 28nm High-K…

2016-07-12 - Graham Prophet

1700V SiC MOSFET enables high breakdown voltage

Combining with ROHM’s AC/DC converter control IC designed specifically for SiC MOSFET drive maximises performance and improve efficiency by up…

2016-07-08 - Synopsys

HAPS adaptor accelerates ARM-based SoC designs

The HAPS FPGA-based integrated hardware and software prototyping system delivers the fastest time to first prototype and supports up to…

2016-06-21 - Arun Vemuri, Chenan Tong

Sensor signal conditioners linearise sense element outputs

In this article, we investigate two methods that are widely used to correct for sense element non-linearity. The two approaches…

2016-06-15 - Santosh Bhandarkar

Single-IC-based circuit replaces mechanical switch

Here's a circuit that replaces a more costly and bulky push-push mechanical switch.

2016-06-14 - Lukasz Sliwczynski

PRBS generator operates at 1.5Gbit/s

Here's a 31st-order, parallel-PRBS generator that delivers 10bit output segments and can easily adapt to other PRBS orders and output…

2016-06-10 - Maxim Integrated Products

Flexible reference design creates bigger LED signs

MAXREFDES99# integrates four MAX7219 LED drivers to provide designers a 16 x 16 display with 256 LEDs, allowing hobbyists and…

2016-06-08 - Jordan Dimitrov

Analogue switch converts 555 timer into PWM

Learn how an integrated CMOS switch enhances a PWM oscillator.