2019-05-02 - Hailey McKeefry

Thermal Design Trends in Emerging Technologies

A new report reveals the shifting thermal design priorities of design engineers building products that leverage rapidly shifting technologies.

2019-04-30 - Kendall Castor-Perry

Passive Filter Design Made Easy

The required selectivity of a customer design implied four-pole filters with about 10% bandwidth (passband width about 10% of the…

2019-01-11 - Liao Tai-Shan

Reduce EMI by driving high-power LEDs

In a system for monitoring water quality, EMI was overwhelming the LED sensors, so this engineer devised a means of…

2018-11-09 - Gheorghe Plasoianu

Feedback generator avoids optocoupler use in SMPS design

Using an optocoupler in a switched mode power supply has some drawbacks, which this approach avoids.

2018-09-28 - Seagan Yi-O'Kelly

Keeping an aging battery charged

An aging and seldom-used automotive battery that had to be kept charged, prompted this engineer to take a new look…

2018-09-06 - KC Yang

Adapt single-coil relay driver to dual-coil use

A few diodes can extend designer options when using latched relays.

2018-06-29 - Gheorghe Plasoianu

Electronically-variable capacitor with wide range and high value

Varactors have their uses, but this design is more versatile in many situations.

2018-06-08 - Stephen Woodward

Fast PWM DAC has no ripple

This imaginative design eliminates ripple and greatly speeds a PWM DAC using only a few components.

2018-05-16 - Petr Stukjunger

Low power application design with MEMS accelerometers

A look at possibilities on how to make use of MEMS accelerometers to decrease overall power consumption.

2018-05-15 - Gheorghe Plasoianu

Switcher regulates HV in novel way

This Design Idea regulates high voltage without using high-voltage switching components.