2018-03-30 - Mitja Rihtarsic

Convert binary number to any base

Learn the double dabble, and other ins & outs of efficient base conversion.

2018-03-02 - Stephen Woodward

Trits vs. Bits: 5-Trit ternary DAC has 8-bit resolution and high PSRR

A high performance ternary DAC implementation from DAC-master Stephen Woodward.

2018-02-16 - Jim Brannan

Encode dozens of buttons with only four lines

Encode a remarkable 74 switches with only four IOs using Charlieplexing’s cousin. Add on an LCD interface and save even…

2018-01-05 - Stephen Woodward

Inverted dual-slope ADC boosts dynamic range

Gain five-plus bits of dynamic range by flipping a dual-slope converter on its head.

2017-12-13 - Stephen Woodward

Cancel PWM DAC ripple with analog subtraction

Significantly reduce ripple and speed up the PWM DAC with this simple Design Idea.

2017-12-01 - Ausias Garrigos & David Marroqui

Bang-bang photovoltaic regulator needs no magnetics

You don’t always need a sophisticated MPPT controller to extract and regulate photovoltaic power. This elegant little circuit may do…

2017-10-04 - Jerry Steele

Use Copper to Temperature-Compensate High Current Measurements

Measuring high currents via cable voltage drop is an economical solution, but how can the large copper tempco be compensated?

2017-08-31 - Jim Brannan

Hybrid PWM/R2R DAC improves on both

DAC designs allow for a seemingly endless range of incremental improvements. Here’s another you’ll like.

2017-08-03 - Mark Stansberry

Music to the ears: Basics of pedal effect

Fundamental to the reproduction of era-specific and musician-specific music is the technology contained in pedal effect gadgets. Here's how you…

- Mark Stansberry

Music to the ears: Pedal effect design

Musicians favour pedal effect circuits created with specific types of components or with a specific circuit design because of how…