2017-08-03 - Mark Stansberry

Music to the ears: Effect simulation, emulation

Audio simulation and emulation with LTspice and a simple digital audio system, such as Windows Multimedia Player, gives you a…

2017-08-02 - Akshat Jain, Ranajay Mallik

Designing an induction cooker: Basics first

Induction cookers are quick to cook and highly energy efficient and safer due to the lack of an open flame.…

2017-06-22 - Alperen Akkuncu

Lowering the ripple of PWM DACs

Learn about lowering the ripple of PWM DACs without decreasing the cut-off frequency of the low-pass filter or increasing the…

2017-06-15 - John Dunn

Gain without limits

Here's a SPICE model where each NPN stage is biased by its three resistors in such a way that none…

2017-04-20 - JR Smallwood

1-bit PROM programmer targets high-current devices

Although most devices use the ROMs in their logic-one state, a programmer is a handy device when programming is required.

2017-04-19 - Massimo Gottardi

RGB sensor achieves high dynamic range

The circuit implements auto-exposure control, allowing the sensor to generate an RGB triplet over a high dynamic range.

2017-04-18 - Rick Chapman

Simplifying design with transcendental resistors

A new approach to creating nonstandard resistor values may find wide use in a range of applications.

2017-03-16 - Aman Jha, Ranajay Mallik, Raunaque Mujeeb Quaiser, Jitendra Jain

Smart home lighting: The hardware

Engineers at STMicroelectronics' NOIDA, India, facility setup a smart home lighting system. This part describes the hardware and gives you…

- Aman Jha, Ranajay Mallik, Raunaque Mujeeb Quaiser, Jitendra Jain

Smart home lighting: Android app demo

Having developed the hardware, the authors turn their attention to controlling up to 7 simultaneous BLE connections via an Android…

2017-02-09 - Nick Cornford

Multi-decade design simplifies current monitoring

Using a DMM on fixed ranges can be frustrating, but this simple design idea allows current monitoring from μA to…