2018-06-29 - Gheorghe Plasoianu

Electronically-variable capacitor with wide range and high value

Varactors have their uses, but this design is more versatile in many situations.

2018-06-08 - Stephen Woodward

Fast PWM DAC has no ripple

This imaginative design eliminates ripple and greatly speeds a PWM DAC using only a few components.

2018-05-16 - Petr Stukjunger

Low power application design with MEMS accelerometers

A look at possibilities on how to make use of MEMS accelerometers to decrease overall power consumption.

2018-05-15 - Gheorghe Plasoianu

Switcher regulates HV in novel way

This Design Idea regulates high voltage without using high-voltage switching components.

2018-04-27 - Stephen Woodward

FemtoAmp offers extreme gain range & isolation

Sense down to femtoamps, all the while maintaining a 160 dB gain adjustment range and optical isolation.

2018-03-30 - Mitja Rihtarsic

Convert binary number to any base

Learn the double dabble, and other ins & outs of efficient base conversion.

2018-03-02 - Stephen Woodward

Trits vs. Bits: 5-Trit ternary DAC has 8-bit resolution and high PSRR

A high performance ternary DAC implementation from DAC-master Stephen Woodward.

2018-02-16 - Jim Brannan

Encode dozens of buttons with only four lines

Encode a remarkable 74 switches with only four IOs using Charlieplexing’s cousin. Add on an LCD interface and save even more.

2018-01-05 - Stephen Woodward

Inverted dual-slope ADC boosts dynamic range

Gain five-plus bits of dynamic range by flipping a dual-slope converter on its head.

2017-12-13 - Stephen Woodward

Cancel PWM DAC ripple with analog subtraction

Significantly reduce ripple and speed up the PWM DAC with this simple Design Idea.