2023-02-08 - Michael A. Shustov

Universal purpose optoelectronic logic elements

This design idea looks at the possibility of creating passive and active optoelectronic logic elements simultaneously performing the functions AND, NAND, OR, NOR, XOR, XNOR.

2023-01-20 - Steve Hageman

My favorite design idea of all time…

A look at some clever design ideas that might stick with you through the decades.

2023-01-16 - Michael A. Shustov

The electronic analog of the push-button switcher

Using bistable elements to create the electronic analogue of the push-button switcher.

2023-01-10 - Peter Demchenko

A safe adjustable regulator

This design idea runs through several circuit topologies using the LM350 (LM317) to come to an optimized safe adjustable regulator.

2023-01-04 - Stephen Woodward

Transistor ∆VBE-based oscillator measures absolute temperature

Building on a handy Jim Williams' application note exploiting the predictable BJT VBE change with variable current for temperature measurements.

2022-12-19 - Bill Schweber

How many ways can you ramp an LED?

The "thought question" of how to slowly cycle an LED's intensity up and down leads to some interesting design ideas.

2022-12-14 - Steve Hageman

The most useful application note I’ve ever read

Whenever confronted with a challenging design, it's not uncommon to seek guidance from app notes. Some of these papers really stand out and can deeply shift a designer's level of understanding of the subject in front of him.

2022-12-01 - Stephen Woodward

A much faster alternative to the PWM DAC

Paying homage to the late great CE Shannon with a design idea on the Shannon Decoder.

2022-11-18 - Daniel Dufresne

Active shunt voltage limiter outshines Zener

Circuit to limit voltage to a maximum of 1.5 V across dissipation limited devices with symmetrical limiting and a 2 A current rating.

2022-11-11 - Steve Hageman

Successful hardware projects start with…

Running a design project with a design data sheet does not guarantee success, but it does tend to keep people focused on the important tasks.