2022-05-18 - Peter Demchenko

Simple amplifier design with phantom power

This versatile circuit is suited for connecting to an inductive source or long connecting cable.

2022-05-17 - Ben Lough

Isolated power supply design considerations for PMDC motors

When designing an isolated power supply for PMDC motors, several considerations influence the design of the power-converter topologies.

2022-05-16 - Bill Schweber

Active approach to improving performance

Active error correction of system imperfections offers unique advantages, but as with most solutions, it also brings uncertainty and complications.

2022-05-13 - Stephen Woodward

How a 555 oscillator can ignore power supply and temp variations

A variable-duty-cycle/constant-frequency function is achieved without compromising the inherent accuracy of the 555.

2022-04-25 - Pete Millett

Why microstepping in stepper motors isn’t as good as you think

When designing a motion control system using stepper motors, do not assume that the holding torque of motor still applies…

2022-04-22 - Scott Bryson

Magnetic position sensing for precision control in robotics

Here is a primer on how magnetic sensing works for position calculations in robotics applications aided by devices like Hall-effect…

2022-04-20 - Alperen Akküncü

Phased-array PWM DAC

By deploying more PWM channels with appropriate evenly spaced phase delays one can achieve ripple-less output at certain duty cycles.

2022-04-06 - John Dunn

High-voltage feed forward

Using a simple "feed forward" provision can help you create a stable feedback loop for a high-voltage power supply.

- Youhao Xi

Balancing power sharing of paralleled boost converters in speakers

Find out more about simple current-sharing schemes and a method that minimizes DC current-sharing error between the parallel boost converters.

2022-03-31 - Majeed Ahmad

Digital pen design reinvigorated with sensor module, motion control

Digital pen, aided by sensor-based features and motion-sensing software, can reinvigorate this promising design concept with new use cases.