2022-03-22 - Bill Schweber

End of the road for PC board design?

The multiple demands placed on PC board design will yield either a null set, or the need for severe compromise…

2022-03-14 - Lloben Paculanan and John Neeko Garlitos

Accounting for sampling clock jitter in data acquisition applications

System designers need to take into account the error introduced by sampling clock jitter in their data acquisition applications.

2022-03-03 - John Dunn

Autotransformers – Part 2

Magnetic coupling through an autotransformer is not perfect. There is a coefficient of coupling whose numerical value is less than…

2022-02-10 - Stephen Woodward

Input buffer and attenuator for sound card oscilloscopes extends low-end frequency response

Even the best software app can go only so far to overcome the basic limitations of hardware that was specifically…

2022-01-18 - Leonid Ridiko

Redirecting dynamic indication segment to a separate LED

This Design Idea shows how you can redirect any number of unused segments to external LEDs.

2022-01-05 - Arthur Pini

Measuring exponential time constant using an oscilloscope

Digital oscilloscopes have a great deal of flexibility built in so derived measurements, like time constant, can be made with…

2022-01-03 - Christian Merz

Impedance matching for NFC applications: Part 2

This article, the second part in a two-part series, focuses on the application of impedance matching to an NFC output…

2021-12-28 - Florian Mueller

How to achieve low standby power for an isolated power supply

Here is how power system designers can achieve well-regulated output voltages while still achieving low standby power in power supplies.

2021-12-27 - Martina Mincica and Alice O'Keeffe

How to successfully calibrate an open-loop DAC signal chain

This article outlined some of the main causes of error in a DAC signal chain, and two methods of calibration…

2021-12-22 - Jeff Radtke and William Ferris

Current transformer as inexpensive, non-invasive timing trigger

Build an inductively coupled trigger with respectable time response using a current sense transformer.