2021-10-04 - Joseph C. Davis, Siemens Digital Industries Software

Why scaling analog for power integrity analysis is critical

The EDA power integrity solution for the past 20 years has been post-layout SPICE simulation. That must change for bigger analog systems.

2021-09-30 - Majeed Ahmad

Power integrity tool caters to scale in digital and analog

Siemens Software's mPower provides EM and IR analysis for large analog and mixed-signal blocks.

2021-09-16 - Majeed Ahmad

ParagonX: Profile of a debugging tool for analog designs

As the industry migrates to FinFET technologies, IC layout parasitics has become the dominant source of bottlenecks in mixed-signal SoCs.

2021-09-13 - Brad Griffin

Why power-aware signal integrity analysis matters in DDR5 design

DDR is used on many of the interfaces in computer systems, one of which relates to the way the processor interfaces with the memory.

2021-08-06 - Atulesh Kansal and Himanshu Aggarwal

Automated validation of multiple clock signals in SoC designs

The complexity in clocking subsystems in SoC designs is paving the way for automation to validate multiple combinations of clock signals.

2021-08-03 - Sandeep Mehndiratta, Sridhar Panchapakesan, Teng-Kiat Lee

Cloud the new frontier for EDA

Under the competitive pressures of the semiconductor industry, chip designers are choosing to migrate to cloud computing technologies.

2021-07-07 - Mark Waller

Rule of thumb or layout automation for analog floorplan

Creating the right floorplan for IoT chips is a critical task that must evolve and be refined as the project progresses.

2021-07-05 - Mouser Electronics Inc.

Mouser celebrates 1 million customer downloads of ECAD models

Mouser Electronics' engineering customers have collectively downloaded more than 1 million models using the ECAD resource on mouser.com.

2021-06-14 - SnapEDA

DesignSpark integrates SnapEDA to help engineers design electronics faster

The new SnapEDA search capability on DesignSpark provides engineers with millions of free CAD models, helping them design electronics faster.

2021-06-04 - Deepak Shankar, Anupurba Mukherjee, and Tom Jose, Mirabilis Design Inc.

FPGAs for SoC design verification

Using FPGAs to verify the SoC design is a powerful tool and is becoming a very important part of semiconductor design.