2022-01-13 - Microchip Technology Inc.

Microchip ICE enables feature-rich programming and debugging

Microchip's MPLAB ICE 4 emulation, programming and debugging tool features wireless connectivity, power debugging, and real-time code profiling using trace.

2022-01-05 - David Hall, Macarena Calderon, Mike Denton and Paul Ulezko

Achieving accurate low-power validation

Choosing the right tool to measure low power leads to more accurate power validation, which, in turn, enhances product performance.

2021-12-24 - Carmelo Sansone, Renesas Electronics

How MCUs will advance endpoint intelligence over the next decade

Here are seven predictions of more sophisticated MCU applications in the next decade.

- Andy Jaros

Sky-rocketing chip prices? Not with embedded FPGA

eFPGA has become a significant factor in chip design, particularly as the industry moves to the more complicated and expensive…

2021-12-21 - Nitin Dahad

Develop boards remotely, in real time with new hardware-as-a-service

New service from MIKROE claims to be embedded industry’s first hardware-as-a-service offer that enables remote embedded hardware design from $4…

- Brendon McHugh and Kaue Morcelles

Selecting the right software defined radio solution for your application

SDRs are available in a wide range of performance, form factor and cost, so choosing the right SDR for your…

2021-12-17 - Microchip Technology Inc.

Microchip launches second development tool for low-power PolarFire RISC-V SoC FPGA

Microchip has launched the second development tool offering in its Smart Embedded Vision initiative for designers using its PolarFire RISC-V SoC…

2021-12-14 - Infineon Technologies AG

Infineon supports AWS IoT ExpressLink to simplify IoT product development

Infineon's AIROC IFW56810 CCM solution makes it easier and faster for companies and end customers to connect their devices to…

2021-12-13 - Jun Hong

How a DevSecOps approach improved security in iris recognition systems

A look at DevSecOps best practice and use of static application security testing (SAST) as part of the software development…

- Mark Patrick

Trends in embedded development: A Mouser perspective

A look at the trends in embedded systems design, including greater system integration , connected devices, and the 'virtual' revolution.