2022-06-30 - Majeed Ahmad

Battery-powered smart alarm system design blueprint

The smart alarm system employs AI-based sensor fusion that complements acoustic event-detection processing with a wake detection engine.

2022-06-27 - Steve Hageman

How to simplify testing of embedded ADCs

The BlasterAmp combines with a USB Sound Card to form a high dynamic range, and portable test tone signal for…

- Brendon McHugh

Embedded security systems in SDRs

Here are several security techniques and countermeasures that are able to protect the SDR from enemy attacks, including jamming, spoofing,…

2022-06-22 - Robert Perkel

Developing window security nodes with level shifting I/O (Part 2)

Here is a demonstration of how an MVIO inside the MCU can be used in an application as an alternative…

2022-06-21 - STMicroelectronics

STMicroelectronics, Sensory collaborate to enable mass-market adoption of embedded voice control

STMicroelectronics and Sensory are collaborating to enable the STM32 MCU user community to develop and prototype intuitive voice-based user interfaces…

2022-06-17 - Brian Dipert

Dissecting an underwhelming dog bark controller

This product didn’t deliver on its ultrasonic canine-vocalization suppression promises but still provided an interesting teardown exercise, one that also…

- Robert Perkel

Eliminating level shifters in microcontroller applications (Part 1)

A new level-shifting peripheral in MCUs called multi-voltage I/O (MVIO) can reduce design complexity and part count in embedded systems.

2022-06-07 - Würth Elektronik

Würth Elektronik and Valens Semiconductor reference design enables high-resolution medical imaging

Würth Elektronik and Valens Semiconductor have developed a reference design that enables high-resolution medical imaging.

2022-05-31 - Cincoze

Cincoze brings power to edge computing

Cincoze has expanded its DIAMOND product line with the addition of the DV-1000 rugged embedded computer series.

2022-05-25 - Microchip Technology Inc.

Microchip launches fully integrated Precise Time Scale System

Microchip's Precise Time Scale System enables complete control over the time source that their infrastructure depends on.