2017-03-10 - STMicroelectronics

Low-power SoC targets interactive satellite terminals

STiD337 features a maximum 3.5W power dissipation at full speed and less than 50mW (typical) during sleep, according to STMicroelectronics.

2017-03-09 - PTC

Software offers access control to vital calculations

PTC Mathcad Prime 4.0 features content lock, interoperability with third party applications and user experience enhancements.

2017-03-08 - Synopsys

Code V 11.0 allows easy optical design verification

Synopsys’ Code V optical design software version 11.0 features specs, goals and analyses in central location.

2017-02-21 - Chua Chee Seong

Can we quantify intuition for autonomous driving?

The future may well have entirely new types of sensor that can recreate the human intuition associated with driving, says Chua Chee Seong at Infineon.

- EDN Asia

R&S demos suite for 5G field test at 28GHz

Rohde & Schwarz’s R&S TSME and R&S ROMES enable over-the-air characterisation of 5G network analysis and optimisation within 28GHz.

2017-01-24 - AVX

Poke-home connector replaces soldering in 18AWG apps

This 58-9296 series connectors offer a single beam contact that securely captures and retains the wire in a 23% smaller package size.

2017-01-19 - RS Components

Raspberry Pi module cuts size, fits DDR2 SODIMM socket

CM3 fits into a standard DDR2 SODIMM socket and provides the same basic processing capabilities as the Raspberry Pi 3.

2016-12-22 - Graham Prophet

Flexible circuit bonds fine-pitch ICs to polyester film

By allowing smaller components with tighter pitches, the Solder on Polyester Substrate delivers higher yields and reduces costs, according to Molex.

2016-10-24 - Silicon Labs

Application platform offers mixed C, Java environment

Micrium's µC/OS RTOS runtime components and MicroEJ OS allow device manufacturers to deliver embedded software that offers a richer user experience.

2016-08-12 - Enea

Networking profile fits data plane acceleration requirements

Enea Linux 6 is a networking profile designed for communications challenges, based on the latest Yocto Project version (2.1).