2023-01-04 - congatec

congatec Computer-on-Modules powered by 13th Gen Intel Core processors

congatec has launched COM-HPC and COM Express Computer-on-Modules based on the 13th Gen Intel Core processors in BGA assembly.

2022-12-28 - Kalpesh Mehta

India’s VLSI Industry on the Right Track for Growth

With the theme "Semiconductors Driving Disruptive Innovations in Global Digitalization," VLSI Design Conference 2023 will put the spotlight on India's VLSI industry.

2022-12-22 - Efinix Inc.

Efinix launches Efinity RISC-V embedded software IDE

Efinix's Efinity RISC-V Embedded Software IDE simplifies the creation, management, and debug of projects running on the Efinix Sapphire RISC-V core.

2022-12-20 - IAR Systems

IAR Systems Embedded Workbench wins the Best Development Tool Award in EE Awards Asia 2022

IAR Systems' Embedded Workbench won the Best Development Tool Award in the Spotlight Award Category of the EE Awards Asia 2022.

2022-11-29 - Rehan Hameed

Boosting embedded AI performance with edge AI processors

A look at Kinara's accelerator and NXP processors which combine to deliver edge AI performance capable of delivering smart camera designs.

2022-10-19 - Mary McCarthy and Wasim Shaikh

Implementing functionally safe RTD systems: Certification

Certifying a system is a long process as all components in the system must be reviewed for potential failure mechanisms.

2022-10-18 - David Wong

How to ensure SAR compliance in connected consumer devices

Intelligent proximity sensors enable users of laptops and tablets to provide optimal connectivity and long battery life, but they must meet SAR compliance.

2022-10-13 - Mary McCarthy and Wasim Shaikh

Implementing functionally safe RTD systems: RTD design

This article discusses RTD circuit design for a functionally safe system and introduces considerations for the Route 2S component certification process.

2022-10-12 - Richard McCullagh

How to manage the complexity of embedded systems design

The complex nature of embedded systems and applications calls for a diversity of tools and techniques to be employed during the embedded system design life.

2022-09-22 - Microchip Technology Inc.

Microchip terabit-scale secure ethernet PHY family designed for enterprise, cloud interconnect

Microchip has launched a new family of META-DX2+ PHYs for enterprise ethernet switches, security appliances, cloud interconnect routers and optical transport systems.