2016-06-09 - Mark Patrick

Enabling smarter power conversion, management

There is an opportunity for the IoT to play a crucial role in meeting energy efficiency targets by enabling greater…

- Derek Vanditmars

Add manual reset to standard three-pin-reset supervisor

By simply incorporating a couple of resistors, a capacitor, and a pushbutton switch, you can transform a standard three-pin-reset supervisor…

2016-06-08 - Grant Smith

Current mirror boosts PWM regulator’s performance

Here is how to reduce Miller Effect to enhance an SMPS' performance and reduce component count.

- Susanne Nell

Inexpensive current monitor tracks high dc currents

Here's a cheap, low-power current-measurement circuit that's useful for measurements of modest accuracy.

- Susan Nordyk

24W flyback regulator simplifies DC/DC converter design

Linear Tech’s LT8304 samples the isolated output voltage directly from the primary-side flyback waveform, eliminating the need for an optoisolator…

2016-06-07 - Christian Rausch

Utilise CFL ballast to drive LEDs

Learn how you can use a CFL-ballast IC for driving a string of as many as 64 LEDs. A ballast…

2016-06-06 - Fran Hoffart

Charging supercaps to 7V from USB power

Read about a switching regulator that charges three supercapacitors and provides input-current limiting.

2016-06-03 - Marian Stofka

Detect leakage of capacitors, semiconductor switches

The low input-bias current of a voltage-follower op amp enables this simple fixture to measure the leakage current of capacitors.

- Anthony Smith

Precise over-voltage protection with circuit breaker

Read about a simple circuit breaker that delivers precision over-voltage protection and over-current protection.

2016-06-02 - Djessas Zoheir

Two transistors make up high-precision, ac-mains ZCD

Here is a simple two-transistor circuit that can accurately detect the zero crossing of the ac mains voltage.