2020-09-25 - Bill Schweber

Spade lugs and screw terminals eliminate wiring rat’s nest

Completely redoing wiring with old-fashioned, low-tech connectors may sometimes be the smartest decision...

2020-09-22 - Bill Schweber

Is it better to use positive or negative pressure in cooling designs?

Fans force air at a known volume and velocity through an enclosure or chassis to obtain the needed thermal relief…

2020-09-17 - David Dwelley

Reference designs minimize design risks

By providing a complete, pre-tested circuit, a reference design saves substantial time and effort and minimizes design risks.

2020-09-08 - Parker Dorris and Lauren Handel, Silicon Labs

Tips for effective use of technical documentation

Design engineers can use these tips for effective usage of hardware, software, and development tool documentation.

2020-09-01 - Majeed Ahmad

Mind of the Engineer 2020: Engineering disciplines continue to merge

Beyond how COVID-19 is reshaping the workplace, what’s most important to note is the continued merging and melding of engineering…

2020-08-25 - T.K. Hareendran

DIY Laser Virtual Floor Marker

This article presents basic design ideas for laser virtual floor markers using inexpensive and readily available components...

2020-08-20 - Hesam Moshiri

DIY Non Contact Hand Sanitizer Dispenser — Pro Version

In the second version of the hand sanitizer dispenser device, I'd like to introduce a device with no sensitivity to…

2020-08-18 - Elizabethe Zala

7 ways a data logger can save you money

Every day, we talk with dozens of customers to help them find the right data logger for their project. One…

2020-08-14 - Bill Schweber

Lightbar and siren design illustrates tradeoff challenges

Every engineering design requires tradeoffs and compromises among its many parameters; some are obvious but many are not...

2020-06-17 - Frank Lavety

COVID-19, technology saved businesses …Work from Home, the norm

Prior to Covid-19 Corona Virus pandemic’s centre stage worldwide presence, to many organizations, the common workspace remained the office! The…