2021-09-10 - Majeed Ahmad

Has the time for embedded FPGA IP finally come?

The eFPGA technology is starting to make waves by providing flexibility for AI workloads while facilitating low power for portable applications.

2021-09-07 - Microchip Technology Inc.

Microchip strengthens FPGA platform with smart HLS tool suite

The smart HLS tool enhances accessibility to PolarFire FPGAs for hardware acceleration in edge compute systems.

2021-08-05 - Javier Valle and Adrian Helwig, Texas Instruments

Why radiation hardness matters for point-of-load converters

Space-qualified FPGAs bring with them challenging voltage regulation requirements.

2021-07-23 - Xilinx Inc.

Xilinx integrates stacked HBM to address bandwidth and security

New member of Xilinx Versal portfolio integrates stacked high bandwidth memory (HBM) to accelerate compute on massive connected data sets.

2021-06-04 - Deepak Shankar, Anupurba Mukherjee, and Tom Jose, Mirabilis Design Inc.

FPGAs for SoC design verification

Using FPGAs to verify the SoC design is a powerful tool and is becoming a very important part of semiconductor design.

2021-05-14 - Imen Baili

eFPGA core for CPU ISA extension allows designers to respond to changes in the field

CPU extensibility using hardware modules like eFPGA core allows designers to quickly respond to changes in the field.

2021-05-05 - Nitin Dahad

Xilinx enters SOM market to enable wider adoption of edge AI

Xilinx Inc. has taken a big step towards enabling wider market adoption of edge AI and embedded vision by entering the system on module (SOM) market.

2021-03-16 - Nitin Dahad

Xilinx targets data center offload with ‘composable’ hardware

Xilinx has launched a range of data center products based on ‘composable hardware’ to enable greater adaptability and flexibility to tackle constantly changing data center needs.

2020-12-16 - Rajan Bedi

DDR4 will enable new applications in the satellite industry

DDR4 will allow the satellite industry to offer higher-throughput on-board processing and increased acquisition times to enable new applications.

2020-09-15 - Nitin Dahad

Embedded Vision Summit: ML perception on tiny FPGAs

At the Embedded Vision Summit, Lattice Semiconductor will demonstrate how tiny low power FPGAs can enable multiple image processing functions...