2022-12-28 - Kalpesh Mehta

India’s VLSI Industry on the Right Track for Growth

With the theme "Semiconductors Driving Disruptive Innovations in Global Digitalization," VLSI Design Conference 2023 will put the spotlight on India's VLSI industry.

2022-11-28 - Raj Radjassamy

Class 4 power: Coming soon to tech near you

Class 4 power releases engineers from old power limitations, enabling new power architectures for data centers, mobile networks, and other power-hungry technologies.

2022-11-24 - Bill Schweber

How to enhance card-cage/chassis cooling capabilities

By improving the basic card-edge wedgelock, the thermal resistance from card to cage is reduced and heat has an easier time escaping a PC board.

2022-11-11 - Steve Hageman

Successful hardware projects start with…

Running a design project with a design data sheet does not guarantee success, but it does tend to keep people focused on the important tasks.

2022-10-05 - Pete Millet

Motor drive design: Integrated drivers vs. gate drivers

In the choice between monolithic and gate drivers with external MOSFETs to drive motors, cost, size and thermal issues are key considerations.

2022-09-01 - Marco Contento, Telit

Six factors to consider when designing 5G devices

Here are six key factors, including pre-certifications, to consider when selecting modules for your 5G device application.

2022-08-26 - Thomas Batt and Ingo Pohle

Design for test and design for safety—Software architectures made to measure

A stronger focus on agile embedded software development methods software architecture is the key to project success.

2022-08-03 - Tomas Hudson and Miguel Angel Sanchez, Monolithic Power Systems

Designing a battery management system

BMS designers often think the only way to deliver a precise calculation for the battery pack’s SoC and SoH is to use a very expensive AFE with precise cell voltage measurement tolerance, but this is just one factor in the overall calculation accuracy.

2022-07-15 - ESD Alliance

Electronic system design industry grew 12% YoY in Q1

The electronic system design (ESD) industry revenue increased by 12.1% YoY to $3.54 billion in Q1 2022, according to the ESD Alliance.

2022-07-11 - Peter Demchenko

Simple switchable filter

The potential to switch a filter on and off in real time may be very valuable...