2022-09-01 - Marco Contento, Telit

Six factors to consider when designing 5G devices

Here are six key factors, including pre-certifications, to consider when selecting modules for your 5G device application.

2022-08-26 - Thomas Batt and Ingo Pohle

Design for test and design for safety—Software architectures made to measure

A stronger focus on agile embedded software development methods software architecture is the key to project success.

2022-08-03 - Tomas Hudson and Miguel Angel Sanchez, Monolithic Power Systems

Designing a battery management system

BMS designers often think the only way to deliver a precise calculation for the battery pack’s SoC and SoH is to use a very expensive AFE with precise cell voltage measurement tolerance, but this is just one factor in the overall calculation accuracy.

2022-07-15 - ESD Alliance

Electronic system design industry grew 12% YoY in Q1

The electronic system design (ESD) industry revenue increased by 12.1% YoY to $3.54 billion in Q1 2022, according to the ESD Alliance.

2022-07-11 - Peter Demchenko

Simple switchable filter

The potential to switch a filter on and off in real time may be very valuable...

2022-04-21 - Joshua Norem

A primer on security in the key stages of IC manufacturing lifecycle

Here is how engineers can identify the threats at each step of the IC production lifecycle and subsequently mitigate them.

2022-04-19 - Ken G

The history and evolution of PCB designs

The evolution of PCB from a simple radio circuit with copper layers to the multi-layer flexible boards marks a path of tremendous progress.

2022-04-08 - Mark Patrick

Bringing analog circuit design into the digital age

A look at the impact of innovative new design tools for analog circuit design that make it more attractive to the next generation of young engineers.

2022-03-24 - Dan Demers

Moving high-performance computing from the server room to the edge

The integration of Intel Xeon D processors on COM-HPC Server-on-Modules allows edge server installations to break free from the tight thermal constraints of air-conditioned server rooms.

2022-03-22 - Bill Schweber

End of the road for PC board design?

The multiple demands placed on PC board design will yield either a null set, or the need for severe compromise on many parameters.