2023-03-24 - onsemi

onsemi simulation tools bring complex power electronics applications to market faster

onsemi's online simulator tool provides meaningful insights for complex power electronic applications through system-level simulations at an early stage of the development cycle.

2023-03-06 - Majeed Ahmad

New IP bypasses the need for ID enrollment

The new physically unclonable function (PUF) doesn't need extensive enrollment and rebuilding phases to improve quality of ID or key.

2023-03-03 - Majeed Ahmad

How physically aware interconnect IP bolsters SoC design

A physically-aware interconnect IP facilitates optimal network-on-chip (NoC) topology at front-end and speeds up timing closure at the back-end.

2023-02-21 - Majeed Ahmad

Ascon algorithms finalized for lightweight cryptography

NIST is employing Ascon's cryptographic algorithms for securing IoT, sensors, and other small devices with limited resources.

2023-01-05 - Venkata Simhadri, MosChip Technologies Ltd

India’s ESDM Industry: Challenges, Opportunities, and the Way Forward

Here's a look at India's ESDM industry, challenges, strengths, and opportunities that would propel the country's industry forward.

2022-12-28 - Kalpesh Mehta

India’s VLSI Industry on the Right Track for Growth

With the theme "Semiconductors Driving Disruptive Innovations in Global Digitalization," VLSI Design Conference 2023 will put the spotlight on India's VLSI industry.

2022-12-15 - Majeed Ahmad

Intel Pathfinder for RISC-V unifies platform, adds features

Intel Pathfinder for RISC-V is unifying its Starter and Professional Editions into a single version.

2022-12-13 - Robert Perkel, Microchip Technology Inc.

Fundamentals of I3C interface communication

I3C brings a significant increase in the bandwidth of the serial bus while adding a slew of new features like hot-join, IBI, and HDR modes.

2022-12-02 - Cadence Design Systems Inc.

Gear Radio achieves first-pass silicon success using Cadence and UMC certified mmWave reference flow

Gear Radio Electronics successfully taped out an LNA IC on the first pass by adopting Cadence and UMC certified mmWave reference flow.

2022-11-24 - Majeed Ahmad

All you need to know about GAA chip manufacturing process

Gate-all-around (GAA) defies performance limitations of FinFET by allowing transistors to carry more current while staying relatively small.