2021-09-10 - Renesas Electronics Corp.

Renesas MCUs targeted at contactless applications

Renesas' RX671 MCUs are high-performance, high-functionality single-chip solution with touch sensing and voice recognition capabilities for contactless operation.

2021-09-06 - Infineon Technologies AG

Infineon launches 22kW reference design for industrial motor drive

Infineon has launched a pretested industrial reference design that reduces the time to market significantly.

2021-08-12 - Nitin Dahad

STM32U5 MCUs achieve PSA Certified Level 3 and SESIP certifications

STMicroelectronics' general general-purpose secure STM32U585 MCU achieves PSA Certified Level 3 and SESIP3 certifications.

2021-07-20 - Kavita Char

Implementing AIoT on MCUs

Implementation of AIoT on MCUs will increase exponentially in new applications as MCUs push the boundary on performance and blur…

2021-07-06 - STMicroelectronics

STMicroelectronics launches Stellar automotive MCUs

STMicroelectronics' Stellar SR6 automotive MCUs deliver new levels of performance and safety to vehicle electronics.

2021-04-21 - STMicroelectronics

STMicroelectronics expands Bluetooth LE MCU portfolio

STMicroelectronics has extended its STM32WB Bluetooth LE MCU lineup with new devices that combine entry-level features with extra power savings.

2021-04-08 - Renesas Electronics Corp.

Renesas simplifies motor control design for industrial, home appliance applications

Renesas Electronics' highly integrated motor control ICs and starter kit improve motor efficiency by 35%, reduce board size by up…

- Sally Ward-Foxton

Will voice become default UI for most consumer electronics?

Voice control and voice interfaces have begun their inexorable infiltration of pretty much all consumer edge device categories.

2021-03-02 - STMicroelectronics

Extreme Low-Power MCU with Advanced Performance and Cybersecurity Features

STMicroelectronics' new extreme power-saving MCUs meet the most demanding power/performance requirements for smart applications.

2021-01-27 - Nitin Dahad

Raspberry Pi designs its own MCU with $4 Pico board

Raspberry Pi has designed its own MCU and launched a new $4 board based on the new MCU, the Raspberry…