2022-09-02 - Majeed Ahmad

Siemens to help digitalize Nissan’s EV powertrain production

Nissan is digitalizing its EV production line in Tochigi, Japan to standardize the processing and assembly of the electric powertrain.

2022-09-01 - STMicroelectronics

STMicroelectronics dual op amp drives power-hungry industrial, automotive loads

STMicroelectronics' dual high-output amplifier simplifies circuitry for driving inductive and low-ohmic loads in industrial applications and automotive systems.

2022-08-22 - EDN Asia

AspenCore to hold inaugural Electronics Asia Conference

EAC 2022 will highlight the latest technology developments in the electronics and semiconductor industry in Asia.

2022-08-17 - Bryan Christiansen

Five basic maintenance automation mistakes to avoid

As businesses race to realize the competitive advantages predictive and prescriptive maintenance brings to their business, there are five common implementation errors to avoid.

2022-08-11 - Renesas Electronics Corp.

Renesas MPUs simplify networking implementation in industrial equipment

Renesas' RZ/N2L MPUs for industrial Ethernet communication make it easy to add network functionality to industrial equipment and devices.

2022-08-09 - Ang Cui

Protecting industrial control systems needs a proactive approach to firmware security

When we harden one ICS layer, attackers simply shift over to other tactics and targets, and embedded devices like sensors will be a key target in the next shift.

2022-06-16 - Renesas Electronics Corp.

Renesas to acquire Reality AI

Renesas is enhancing its endpoint AI capability with the acquisition of Reality AI.

2022-05-19 - Maurice O'Brien, Analog Devices Inc.

Driving higher levels of flexibility, productivity, and sustainability in smart manufacturing

Intelligent motion control is the core building block of smart manufacturing, enabling highly flexible and efficient manufacturing.

2022-05-16 - Mitsubishi Electric Corp.

Mitsubishi Electric shipping samples of 2kV IGBT module for industrial applications

Mitsubishi Electric is now shipping samples of its LV100-type T-series 2kV IGBT module for industrial use.

2022-05-10 - Dan Demers, congatec

Boundless freedom for edge servers

The integration of Intel Xeon D processors on COM-HPC Server-on-Modules allows edge server installations to break free from the tight thermal constraints of air-conditioned server rooms.