2020-12-18 - Embedded.com

Computer-on-Modules go miniature with new OSM standard

A new standard has been released for computer-on-modules which aims to standardize the footprint and interface set of low-power and ultra-low-power...

2020-08-24 - Geoff Schulteis

Integrating chip antennas into a PCB: Understanding antenna matching

Antennas are not like other components. Their behaviour is more difficult to predict, because an antenna will perform a certain way in a test laboratory…

2020-06-16 - Bill Schweber

A great DIY project: Build a non-artifact Kilogram Standard

Now that the standard kilogram artifact has been replaced by a definition based on a reproducible arrangement, there’s a great DIY project for advanced students to consider.

2017-03-03 - TI

TI joins CharIN to build charging stations for EVs

TI’s embedded processors and technology expertise have been tapped to help build fast-charging stations with high power-handling capabilities.

2017-02-21 - Keysight Technologies

Keysight teams up with ZTE to boost 5G technologies

The partnership aims to test, and measure critical 5G key technologies including mmW communication, PHY, massive MIMO and BTS beamforming prototypes.