2022-03-28 - IC Insights

Analog market to sustain momentum throughout 2022

Another year of double-digit market growth is expected for analog chips in 2022 after sales in this IC category surged…

2022-01-26 - Majeed Ahmad

Systems architect: Blueprint of a new job in semiconductor industry

Custom chip designers acknowledge a growing need for systems architects to coordinate every aspect of a system-on-chip (SoC) design project.

2022-01-25 - Rob Reeder

A close look at active vs. passive RF converter front-ends

Here is a detailed review of the advantages and disadvantages of amplifier-based active and balun-based passive designs for RF front…

- John Dunn

Hexagonally sectioned EMI shield

A hexagonally sectioned EMI shield structure can facilitate air flow as part of thermal management and even admit light under…

2022-01-24 - Majeed Ahmad

Four important Wi-Fi design trends worth watching in 2022

Wi-Fi 6 and Wi-Fi 6E are prominent in Wi-Fi's design roadmap in 2022, followed by the automated frequency coordination (AFC)…

2022-01-21 - Renesas Electronics Corp.

Renesas RX family of MCUs hits 1-billion-unit shipment milestone

Renesas has delivered more than one billion microcontrollers from the RX Family of 32-bit MCUs, which incorporate the company's proprietary…

- Tim Paasch-Colberg

Profile of an oscilloscope performing lab measurements of all kinds

The oscilloscope features extensive analysis functions and a new user concept optimized for practical measurements on a full HD touchscreen.

- Bill Schweber

G-band MMIC devices and beyond

The push for higher-frequency ICs is reaching toward the terahertz border.

2022-01-20 - Bill Schweber

After all these years, brushed motors still alive and kicking

Despite the ascendance of brushless and stepper motors, the classic brushed DC motor is still viable for many cutting-edge applications.

2022-01-19 - Omni Design Technologies

EnSilica and Omni Design partner on multiple SoC development

Omni Design and EnSilica will work together to service the needs of customers who are developing the next generation of…