2022-01-18 - Adrian Michael, Vishay Intertechnology

A primer on EV battery management systems

Here is a brief tutorial on battery management system, how charge balancing works in it, and what's required for its functional safety compliance.

- Leonid Ridiko

Redirecting dynamic indication segment to a separate LED

This Design Idea shows how you can redirect any number of unused segments to external LEDs.

2022-01-17 - Nitin Dahad

What is a system architect in SoC design?

With advanced chip design going into billions of gates on advanced nodes, dozens if not hundreds of engineers have to work together across various disciplines. The role of the system architect is vital in enabling the design, similar to that of a conductor in an orchestra.

- Tzu-Yu Wu

Depth sensing architecture in time of flight system design

This article discusses the depth sensing optical system architecture and how to optimize each sub-module to improve sensor and system performance.

- Analog Devices Inc.

Analog Devices’ Baoxing Chen named IEEE Fellow

Analog Devices' Technology Fellow Dr. Baoxing Chen has been named a 2022 IEEE Fellow for his contributions to integrated signal-power isolation and integrated magnetics.

2022-01-14 - Bill Schweber

Taking a step back: Basic thermal concepts

Even if you understand the basics of thermodynamics, a new book provides added insight and perspective.

- Brian Dipert

Teardown: Apple AirTag

Bluetooth-based trackers definitely aren’t a "dime a dozen," as this teardown analysis makes obvious.

2022-01-13 - Victor Khasiev, Analog Devices Inc.

Two-terminal bipolar power supply

The 2-quadrant supply shown here can be used in a variety of applications ranging from window tinting to test and measurement equipment.

- Bill Schweber

Do we still need analog circuit designers?

Designing an IC is an entirely different discipline than doing a discrete circuit, as the former is not just the integrated version of the latter.

2022-01-12 - ACN Newswire

Tanaka Denshi Kogyo to Establish New Plant in China

Tanaka Denshi Kogyo will establish a new plant in Hangzhou, China, for the production of aluminum bonding wires for power semiconductors.