2022-05-11 - Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd

Samsung unveils 512GB CXL memory module

Samsung's CXL memory packs 4x the capacity over the previous version, enabling a server to scale to tens of terabytes…

2022-03-01 - Majeed Ahmad

How memory booster eases SoC bottlenecks

A memory booster doubles the capacity and bandwidth by employing ultra-tuned compression IP block on the data path between the…

2021-10-11 - Kingston Technology Co. Inc.

Kingston receives Intel Platform Validation on DDR5 memory

Kingston's upcoming DDR5 UDIMMS have received Intel Platform Validation.

2021-01-18 - Apacer Technology

Apacer to mass-produce DDR4-3200 wide-temperature memory modules

Apacer is the first to mass-produce DDR4-3200 wide-temperature memory modules; accelerate the realization of AIot and edge high-performance computing applications...

2020-11-24 - Steffen Allert

Selecting storage for your industrial application

When considering a flash storage media that should satisfy the rigorous demands of an industrial environment, engineers may want to…

2020-04-28 - MEMXPRO

32GB Native Industrial DDR4 DRAM

Unleash the Potential of 5G: original chip and industrial wide-temperature DRAM, from a recognized 5G tech company

2017-01-03 - Genesys Logic

Card reader controller supports dual host interfaces

A500's power consumption is 50% lower compared to traditional LDO regulators.