2022-05-23 - Ben Miller, Keysight Technologies

DDR5: How faster memory speeds shape the future

Memory speed improvements introduce new design and test challenges for memory designers and manufacturers.

2022-05-11 - Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd

Samsung unveils 512GB CXL memory module

Samsung's CXL memory packs 4x the capacity over the previous version, enabling a server to scale to tens of terabytes…

2022-05-09 - Majeed Ahmad

Why MaxLinear is acquiring Silicon Motion

MaxLinear buying Silicon Motion is a harbinger of integration of connectivity solutions with next-generation memory technology.

2022-04-28 - Microchip Technology Inc.

Microchip memory device targeted at space systems

Microchip's SST26LF064RT memory device is its second SuperFlash technology-based offering to be space qualified.

2022-03-14 - Maarten Rosmeulen and Jan Van Houdt

How can 3D FeFETs substitute NAND flash for low-latency storage

While innovations in 3D NAND flash aim at high-density storage, 3D FeFET memory is a viable candidate for low-latency storage…

2022-03-10 - Maarten Rosmeulen and Jan Van Houdt, imec

How 3D NAND flash works, what lies ahead in its density roadmap

Here is how and why NAND flash transitioned from 2D to 3D storage densities and what challenges lie ahead with…

2022-03-09 - ATP Electronics

New die package extends ATP’s 3D TLC e.MMC endurance to MLC/SLC levels

ATP Electronics has introduced its latest line of e.MMC devices built on 3D triple level cell (TLC) NAND.

2022-03-07 - Majeed Ahmad

Analog memory embedded in neural net processing SoCs

A neuromorphic memory stores synaptic weights in the on-chip floating gate to reduce system latency and deliver 10 to 20…

2022-03-01 - Majeed Ahmad

How memory booster eases SoC bottlenecks

A memory booster doubles the capacity and bandwidth by employing ultra-tuned compression IP block on the data path between the…

2022-02-24 - Infineon Technologies AG

Infineon launches SEMPER Solutions Hub

With the SEMPER Solutions Hub, developers can quickly design safety-critical and inherently secured automotive, industrial and communications systems.