2022-07-12 - Brian Dipert

Dissecting a deceased Insteon power line modem

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. Time and time again, irreparable system damage has been the fundamental motivation for a teardown, and a (dramatically) defunct Insteon power line modem has this engineer doing post-mortem analysis once again.

2020-11-11 - Thomas Brand

PoE — Supply of Ethernet Devices Via Data Lines

With PoE, Ethernet devices can be supplied with power at the same time as the actual data transmission takes place via an RJ45 cable...

2020-06-29 - EverFocus

New in-vehicle NVR platform for AIoT applications

The eIVP-CFS-IV-V0004 is the latest in-vehicle network video recorder platform from EverFocus, which is the most flexible generation of processors for AIoT applications...

2020-05-18 - Artila Electronics

Wide Temperature Wireless IoT Gateway for Better Connectivity

Artila’s wireless IoT gateway Matrix-702 is a low-power consumption, cost-efficient choice, as a data transmission from wired to wireless network, for various remote monitoring applications...

2017-07-03 - EDN Asia

Half-duplex transceiver withstands up to ±40kV HBM

Whether a circuit is transmitting, receiving, in standby or powered off, the LTC2862A tolerates any voltage within ±60V without damage, according to Analog Devices.