2022-12-15 - Brian Dipert

Cisco Linksys’ DPC3008: A DOCSIS 3 cable modem that worked great

The phrase "they don't make 'em like they used to" sure seems to apply to this dissection candidate, which delivered eight years of solid internet service to its (at least) second life.

2022-10-13 - Analog Devices Inc.

Analog Devices launches multiprotocol industrial Ethernet switch platform

ADI's ADIN2299 addresses the connectivity needs of industrial and process automation, motion control, transportation, and energy automation.

2022-09-22 - Microchip Technology Inc.

Microchip terabit-scale secure ethernet PHY family designed for enterprise, cloud interconnect

Microchip has launched a new family of META-DX2+ PHYs for enterprise ethernet switches, security appliances, cloud interconnect routers and optical transport systems.

2022-07-06 - Douglas Fairbairn

Strategies for implementing edge AI

Companies looking to adopt edge AI into their products often find it to be a difficult challenge. But what makes it so difficult, and what solutions exist to solve this problem?

2022-06-30 - Cadence Design Systems Inc.

Cadence PHY and controller IP in TSMC N7, N6 and N5 process nodes achieves PCIe 5.0 compliance

Cadence's PHY and Controller IP for PCIe 5.0 specification in the TSMC N7, N6 and N5 process technologies have passed certification tests.

2022-06-01 - Renesas Electronics Corp.

Renesas launches I3C intelligent switch family

Renesas has unveiled the industry’s first I3C intelligent switch devices targeting next generation server motherboards and other infrastructure equipment.

2022-05-30 - Raj Kumar Nagpal and Edo Cohen

Need for speed: Faster, smarter automotive electronics interfaces

Increasing automotive complexity requires new approaches to in-car connectivity, especially the physical-layer interfaces that link sensors and displays to their associated electronic control units.

2022-05-09 - Majeed Ahmad

Why MaxLinear is acquiring Silicon Motion

MaxLinear buying Silicon Motion is a harbinger of integration of connectivity solutions with next-generation memory technology.

2022-03-11 - Thomas Brand, Analog Devices Inc.

What matters when it comes to choosing an Ethernet PHY

If a design should be realized using discrete PHYs, a PHY should be selected with a few criteria in mind.

2022-03-01 - Fionn Hurley

How 10BASE-T1S enables zonal E/E vehicle architectures

Here's a look at trends in the automotive industry dictating changes in vehicle electrical/electronic (E/E) architecture and how the new 10BASE-T1S standard supports and enables this new architecture rollout.