2020-11-16 - SMART Modular

All-in-one Development Kit Powers Gen-Z Ecosystem

All-in-one compact system provides for development and testing of Gen-Z in-band management and fabric manager software from any PC workstation...

2020-11-09 - STMicroelectronics

All-in-One, Multi-Zone, Direct ToF Module

ST has extended its portfolio of FlightSense ToF sensors with the world’s first 64-zone device that breaks a scene into separate areas to help an imaging system build the most detailed spatial understanding of a scene...

- Infineon Technologies

Digital high power factor XDP controller for cost-effective flyback LED drivers

Infineon Technologies introduces the XDP digital power XDPL8219

2020-11-02 - Maxim Integrated

Health sensor platform 3.0 reduces development time by at least 6 months

MAXREFDES104# is a wrist form factor reference design ready to collect blood oxygen, ECG, heart rate, body temperature and activity data

2020-10-12 - STMicroelectronics

Bluetooth 5.2-certified SoC extending range and security

ST has revealed its latest BlueNRG-LP Bluetooth LE SoCs, which leverages the latest Bluetooth features to increase communication range, raise throughput, strengthen security, and save power...

2020-10-06 - STMicroelectronics

Embedded-Flash MCUs Bring High-Performance Features

STMicroelectronics has revealed STM32 MCUs with embedded Flash that bring high-end features such as rich graphics, AI, and cyber-protection to cost-sensitive new products...

- Renesas Electronics

32-bit RA6M4 MCUs with Superior Performance and Advanced Security for IoT Applications

Renesas Electronics announced the expansion of its RA6 Series MCUs with nine new RA6M4 Group MCUs, increasing the RA Family to 42 MCUs...

2020-09-21 - Artila Electronics

Embedded single board computer minimizes development risks for IoT applications

Artila Electronics has announced turnkey pre-integrated embedded single board computer SBC-7530, to minimize development risks for demanding IoT applications...

- EverFocus Electronics

AI Powered Safety Booster

EverFocus’ AI powered prison solution integrates management platforms via liaising the Internet of Things (IoT), big data, Microsoft® Azure™ IoT cloud platform and the latest technologies

2020-08-03 - STMicroelectronics

STM32 Condition-Monitoring Function Pack for Simplified Machine Learning

STMicroelectronics has released a free STM32 software function pack that lets users quickly build, train, and deploy intelligent edge devices for industrial condition monitoring using a microcontroller Discovery kit.