2022-02-24 - Yoelit Hiebert

Lighting industry standards

Making sense of the complicated world of lighting industry standards.

2021-12-31 - Fariyal Khanbabi, Dialight

LED lighting in 2022: Greater efficiency, sustainability, and value

LED lighting has become one of the most effective and affordable ways to lower energy consumption and improve sustainability.

2021-12-06 - Matthew Reynolds

‘Lighting as a platform’ incorporating connectivity, intelligence

With solid-state lighting now well-established, smart lighting control presents another opportunity to change our lives for the better.

2021-11-23 - John Dunn

The ‘too brights’

The progress of technology doesn't always work in our favor.

2021-11-17 - Yoelit Hiebert

LightFair 2021 recap

Although in-person attendance at this year's LightFair was low, it is not indicative of the level of new product development,…

2021-09-15 - Akeem Chen

Overcoming video design constraints in tablets and notebooks

Innovations in camera module design allow notebook and tablet designers to offer best combination of video performance and device size.

2021-07-09 - Bill Schweber

MEMS plus photonics: The next big thing in sensors?

Researchers are combining MEMS technology with photonics to build advanced devices that exhibit outstanding sensing capabilities.

2021-05-21 - Davide Di Gesualdo

LED 101

Here's a look at the characteristics that have imposed LEDs as a standard for light sources and the related types…

2021-04-20 - ACN Newswire

Dye-based device sees the invisible

Devices that can see shortwave infrared light (SWIR), which is invisible to the naked eye, could soon become cheaper and…

2021-02-25 - Thomas Brand

Time of Flight System for Distance Measurement and Object Detection

Time of flight (ToF) is becoming increasingly important for distance measurement and object detection...