2020-06-04 - Bill Schweber

Can your camera capture trillions of frames per second?

This complicated, sophisticated electro-optical system is a super-fast camera which can take a series of 1000 images at a multi-trillion…

2020-06-03 - Yoelit Hiebert

Using LEDs for germicidal disinfection

The COVID-19 pandemic has increased awareness of UV disinfection, and the number of LED-based germicidal lighting products being developed.

2020-05-22 - Jonathan Colao

Designing a fast reacting feedback system for miniaturized motor driven designs

A high speed, high throughput ADC accurately captures information and feeds motor position data to the controller, enabling higher levels…

2020-05-06 - Bill Schweber

Is Optical Computing in Our Future?

Forget digital electronics: the long-discussed dream of optical computing may have taken another small step forward with the recent development…

2017-08-11 - Power Integrations

Smart lighting design offers wireless control

The design features dimming and colour management that can be done over Bluetooth using smartphone applications.

2017-06-23 - EDN Asia

Tiny green LEDs shine up to 2,800mcd

The PCB-based devices targets small scale products that are expected to work reliably in arduous environments, according to Vishay.

2017-04-26 - Vivek Nanda

IR LED wavelength enhances image contrast

Osram's IR LEDs increase contrast of camera images for license plate recognition at automatic barriers controlling traffic flow.

2017-04-11 - EDN Asia

Virtual reality goggles fold like paper

The smartphone VR goggles utilise the origami method to reduce the goggle's size to one of the smallest in the…

2017-04-10 - EDN Asia

12GHz RF connectors achieve 75Ω impedance

The 12GHz BNC RF connectors allow users to exceed the performance requirements of serial-data transmission for 8K HD TVs.

2017-02-07 - Santec

Spectral equaliser covers up to 1,750nm wavelength

Santec’s λEqualiser achieves a wavelength resolution of 2nm with an optical attenuation range of 100% to 1%.