2022-12-07 - Henkel

Henkel non-conductive die attach film targets high-reliability packaging designs

Henkel's Loctite Ablestik ATB 125GR is a high-reliability ncDAF suitable for wirebond laminate and lead frame packages.

2022-12-05 - Jean-Jaques (JJ) DeLisle

Analog in 3D ICs and TSVs

Here is why the steady march toward 3D ICs and through silicon vias (TSVs) is becoming a brisk jog.

2022-11-22 - Ken G

How do BGA, PGA, and LGA differ from each other?

While each of these IC packages comes with its own set of advantages and disadvantages, overall, it is their use that has facilitated a tech revolution.

2022-11-04 - Don Dingee

Why FPGAs and analog haven’t mixed well so far

FPGAs and analog haven't mixed well, but that may be starting to change with new chiplet technology integrating analog blocks.

2022-05-27 - Smiths Interconnect

Optimizing production test of QFN-packaged ICs for consumer, automotive, industrial, and power applications

QFN packages offer myriad advantages, but also bring a new set of testing challenges.

2022-05-17 - SIMMTECH

SIMMTECH opens first advanced manufacturing facility in Southeast Asia

SUSTIO's factory in Penang will increase SIMMTECH's total capacity for semiconductor packaging substrate and PCB by 20 percent.

2022-01-12 - ACN Newswire

Tanaka Denshi Kogyo to Establish New Plant in China

Tanaka Denshi Kogyo will establish a new plant in Hangzhou, China, for the production of aluminum bonding wires for power semiconductors.

2021-12-08 - Dai Nippon Printing Co. Ltd

DNP develops interposer for next-gen semiconductor packaging

DNP has developed an interposer, a high-performance intermediate device that is expected to play a key role in next-generation semiconductor packaging.

2021-07-15 - Kedar Patankar

Common packaging and PCB issues for SoCs

This article looks at packaging and PCB issues that impinge on the success of SoC development.

2021-07-08 - Kedar Patankar

Chip design converges with packaging and PCB in SoC era

SoC developers must become system developers to properly integrate analog and digital IP in silicon and handle extraordinary complexity and functionality.