2022-12-06 - John Dunn

Hot resistance versus cold resistance

After changing the bulbs on a chandelier far too many times, testing the hot and cold resistance of incandescent lamp filaments leads to an illuminating discovery.

2022-10-24 - Bill Schweber

The challenges in using sub-milliohm resistors

New op amps with close-to-ideal specifications enable use of sub-milliohm sense resistors for lower voltage drop and power loss, but there's a new set of considerations and concerns.

2022-10-17 - Steve Hageman

Capacitors: The old decoupling standbys

Ceramic capacitors are very useful, except where values larger than the micro-farad region are required, so for bulk decoupling applications, other types are needed.

2022-10-05 - SCHURTER

SCHURTER open fuse holder now THR-compatible

SCHURTER's latest OGN series of open fuse holders offers a version that is compatible with through-hole reflow (THR) solder processes.

2022-09-23 - Steve Hageman

Can you trust Class 2 ceramic capacitors?

There are a few other issues with high dielectric constant capacitors (Class 2) that need to be addressed.

2022-09-16 - Majeed Ahmad

EMC filters targeted at robotics, data center applications

The EMC filters aim to meet specific needs of data center and robotic markets that require power supplies to be mounted in 19” rack cabinets.

2022-08-18 - Steve Hageman

How far can you trust ceramic capacitors?

Here's a look at some of the common pitfalls when using ceramic capacitors.

2022-07-19 - Bill Schweber

Circuit protection: When one plus one is more than four

The benefits of a new combined gas discharge tube and varistor for overvoltage protection can go beyond the simple co-packaging of two separate components.

2022-07-01 - Jean-Jacques (JJ) DeLisle

Demystifying memristors with design basics, key properties

Memristive dynamics are common in the latest nanoscale devices, and as devices continue to shrink, memristive technology becomes increasingly viable and also necessary in active device development.

2022-06-17 - SCHURTER

SCHURTER expands Power Entry Module series with snap-in mounting option

SCHURTER has expanded its EC12 series with a version for snap-in mounting that is designed to save panel space.