2020-06-02 - Kendall Castor-Perry

Synthesize your FIR filters using high-school algebra

This follow-up piece of "FIR Fundamentals" turns the process on its head and builds up complete FIR filters from small,…

2020-03-04 - Giovanni Di Maria

Measuring an Unknown Capacitance With the Integrated Circuit 40106

There are many methods for measuring an unknown capacity value of any degree of difficulty and precision. Let’s see how…

2017-08-16 - Vishay

Vishay adds 16, 24-pin models to resistor network series

The thin film network additions offer tight ratio tolerances to ±0.025% and come in the 25mil pitch QSOP package.

2017-07-28 - Murata

Y1 class cap suits low-profile designs

Murata's ceramic surface mount type IEC 60384-14*1 Y1*2 class safety certified capacitor is targeted at applications where low profile is…

2017-04-12 - EDN Asia

Winding power inductor achieves up to 22µH

The 2.5mm x 2mm winding inductors from the LQH2HPN_DR series are intended for wearable devices, according to Murata.

2017-04-11 - EDN Asia

High-pulse metal film resistor handles 600V surges

The PR02-FS offers a resistance range from 1Ω to 100Ω with tolerance down to ±10% and rated power dissipation of…

2017-02-27 - Murata

Tiny ceramic capacitor offers 25V rated voltage

Murata’s temperature compensation type chip MLCC features C0G temperature characteristic as well as 100pF capacitance.

- Vicor

Buck regulator eases 48V Direct to PoL

With a 5V output, Vicor’s PI3525-00-LGIZ regulator supplies up to 20A, integrated in a 10mm x 14mm LGA SiP package.

2017-02-20 - Vishay Intertechnology

Capacitors offer up to 6.77A ripple current

The aluminium electrolytic capacitors are suited for smoothing, filtering and energy storage in pulsed power applications, according to Vishay.

2017-02-07 - Torex Semiconductor

Low-capacitance TVS diode protects high-speed lines

The XBP14E5UFN series transient voltage suppressors are mounted close to an external interface to protect downstream ICs.