2023-01-11 - Suresh Patel

Prerequisite files for a PCB assembly project

It is imperative that due attention be placed on the generation of files such Gerber, centroid, BOM, and assembly drawings, as several assembly stages rest on the accuracy of these documents.

2022-02-28 - Rajan Bedi

DFM & DFA: Building your space-grade PCB right-first-time

To ensure your PCB is fabricated right-first-time, DFM and DFA require investment in time and effort.

2021-10-22 - Suresh Patel, Mer-Mar Electronics

Avoid these BIG 5 mistakes when you start your multilayer PCB fabrication process

Here are five common mistakes that are typically made during the PCB fabrication process and ways to avoid them.

2021-06-07 - Douglas Brooks & Johannes Adam

Vias are really cool

The temperature of a via is not determined by the current flowing through it, but by the temperature of the parent trace.

2021-01-27 - Nitin Dahad

Raspberry Pi designs its own MCU with $4 Pico board

Raspberry Pi has designed its own MCU and launched a new $4 board based on the new MCU, the Raspberry Pi Pico...

2020-12-29 - Jeff Hockert

Maintain signal integrity and performance without expensive PCB materials

PCB manufacturing yields opportunities to maintain signal integrity and other performance characteristics without expensive materials.

2020-12-14 - Richard Quinnell

Association aims to elevate the role of PCB design

PCBs starting to get engineering treatment

2020-11-23 - Frederik Dostal

When the flyback converter reaches its limits

Although flyback converters are very popular, this topology has practical limitations...

2020-10-14 - Chang Fei Yee

Study of fiber weave effect on PCB with 3DEM modelling

This article studies the fiber weave effect on PCB in terms of mode conversion and differential insertion loss due to the disparity of propagation delay and characteristic impedance in single ended mode...

2020-09-04 - Kevin Meredith, Samtec, Inc.

Aligning multiple connector sets between PCBs

Miniaturization has made it more difficult to align multiple connectors, but design best practices can help ensure PCB design success.