2018-11-07 - Istvan Novak

PCB fixtures improve component measurements

Using PCBs as fixtures improves component characterization measurements over wires and connectors.

2018-10-17 - Amitava Banerjee & Jeetendra Ashok

PCI Express 3.0 needs reliable timing design

Timing plays an essential role in determining the reliability of applications using PCI Express. With an understanding of the impact of the timing architecture on performance, developers can assure that systems will meet strict compliance requirements.

2018-09-25 - David Richardson

Substituting solid tantalum and tantalum polymer capacitors for surface-mount MLCCs

Examining key performance characteristics will help streamline the evaluation process of alternative capacitor technologies for the replacement of multilayer ceramic chip capacitors.

2018-08-21 - Mike McNatt

It’s a wire-wrapped board sabotage

An unexpected discovery leads one engineer to believe his project was sabotaged.

2018-05-21 - Istvan Novak

Solder-wick trick characterizes bypass caps

Verify capacitor performance with a simple “homemade” test fixture.

2018-02-12 - Charles Pfeil

A lifetime designing PCBs: Changing roles

Stay or go, finding the best avenue to project and company contributions involves tough choices.

2018-01-29 - Charles Pfeil

A lifetime designing PCBs: Improving autorouting & design software

These PCB CAD adventures feature punched-card autorouting and a widget ruler.

2018-01-17 - Charles Pfeil

A lifetime designing PCBs: Merging design and fabrication

Have you ever wanted to take a sharp (or blunt) object to your CAD system?

2018-01-02 - Charles Pfeil

A lifetime designing PCBs: From design to software

One foot in PCB design, the other in CAD software development. Something’s gotta give.

2017-12-21 - Charles Pfeil

A lifetime designing PCBs: Switching to eCAD

Early PCB CAD systems prove to be an uphill battle, but things eventually work out.