2021-06-16 - Bill Schweber

A look at hybrid supercapacitors

The rechargeable battery and the supercapacitor each have relative pros and cons, but a hybrid design that merges both technologies…

2021-05-28 - Pinkesh Sachdev

Adding threshold hysteresis for smooth UVLO/OVLO

Threshold hysteresis is needed to obtain a smooth and chatter-free lockout function even in the presence of supply noise or…

2021-05-26 - Efficient Power Conversion Corp.

EPC demo board boasts best-in-class power density in compact design

Featuring EPC's GaN FETs, the EPC9149 LLC converter operates as a DC transformer with a conversion ratio of 4:1 and…

- Sarah Fields, COMSOL Inc.

Multiphysics simulation drives smart city technology

Reimagining the utilitarian power box into a modular, modern installment requires a complete design reinvention to balance the physical phenomena…

2021-05-06 - Luca Martini

Rising demand for precision DC energy metering

Driven by the development of efficient and economic power conversion technology based on wide band gap semiconductors, many applications now…

2021-05-04 - Ron Stull

Achieving EMC compliance via different filtering methods

By giving thought to where filtering is best applied, it is possible to avoid much of the engineering effort associated…

2021-04-30 - Maurizio Di Paolo Emilio

IoT reference designs optimize energy savings

In a future where most objects will be connected via Internet, devices and sensors will have to work wirelessly and…

2021-04-16 - EEWeb

Modular power addresses increased demands in aerospace and defense applications

Increasing DC/DC converters' power density in the MIL-COTS market has tremendous benefits, including a reduced budget for size and weight…

- Maurizio Di Paolo Emilio

3-phase, AC to DC power conversion for high power

Marotta Controls announced the availability and final qualification of the PS11200, the fourth variant of the 1-STEP product line.

2021-04-13 - Maurizio Di Paolo Emilio

Evaluation board accelerates design of remote wireless charging for smart buildings

Energous is partnering with e-peas to develop an evaluation board that combines e-peas' energy management IC technology with Energous' RF…