2023-01-19 - Josh Mandelcorn

Two simple isolated power options for 8W or less

Here are two approaches that both reduce design complexity and noise coupling in isolated bias power supplies.

2022-12-19 - Matt Griessler

Onboard fixtures for fault testing

Running through circuits that can be employed to test your PCB's overvoltage, undervoltage and incorrect sequencing detection capabilities.

2022-11-23 - Kyle Stone

Why current sensing is a must in collaborative, mobile robots

Current sensing plays an integral part in robotics systems for use cases such as motor-drive phase-current measurements, battery-management systems, and general peripheral monitoring.

2022-10-24 - Bill Schweber

The challenges in using sub-milliohm resistors

New op amps with close-to-ideal specifications enable use of sub-milliohm sense resistors for lower voltage drop and power loss, but there's a new set of considerations and concerns.

2022-08-29 - Saumitra Jagdale

Prospects and challenges of SiC in the energy market

High efficiency and chemically inert nature cemented value of Silicon Carbide in power electronics sphere, leading to boom in its utilization.

2022-06-29 - Bill Schweber

Coin/button-cell holders can be functional, reliable, and even elegant

Inexpensive coin- and button-cell holders of stamped metal may work for a while, but their longer electrical and mechanical integrity is questionable while their user convenience varies widely.

2022-06-28 - Sheng-Yang Yu

Current sensing considerations in a bridgeless totem pole PFC

Here is a description of three current-sensing methods for current-mode control bridgeless totem-pole PFC, along with their trade-offs.

2021-03-30 - Giovanni Di Maria

Building a 7.5-A voltage regulator using LT1083

If you need more power for the power section of any board you are designing, you can find simple and cheap solutions by using the Analog Devices LT1083 regulator.

2021-03-23 - Stefano Lovati

Guidelines for designing a high-power PCB

As fascinating and challenging as the PCB design process can be, it is important to take all necessary precautions to ensure proper circuit operation, especially when dealing with high power PCBs.

2020-12-30 - Hank Cao

How to achieve fast charging with USB PD in portable devices

A reference design comprising charger and controller ICs helps create fast charging solution complying with the USB Type-C and PD...