2021-01-13 - Bill Schweber

There’s more to electric insulation than you might think

As with all simple-sounding materials and components, there’s much more to electrical insulation than just its most-obvious performance characteristics.

2021-01-08 - Frederik Dostal

A reliable power-up and power-down sequence

Reliable, monitored power-up and power-down are important in many modern systems and can be realized flexibly and with little development…

2020-12-30 - Hank Cao

How to achieve fast charging with USB PD in portable devices

A reference design comprising charger and controller ICs helps create fast charging solution complying with the USB Type-C and PD...

2020-12-28 - Majeed Ahmad

GaN and SiC take design engineers into a new frequency spectrum

GaN semiconductors require more attention to disciplined power and thermal management skills.

2020-12-23 - Bill Schweber

Unique technique transfers power to medically-implanted device

Researchers have developed a technique to transfer power to a neural stimulator.

2020-12-01 - Ralf Ohmberger

How can DC switching power noise be eliminated?

Where does DC switching power audible noise come from, and how can it be reduced or eliminated?

2020-11-25 - Maurizio di Paolo Emilio

The next challenges of low power design

Nowadays, the innovation of low power embedded systems is directly linked to battery innovation, which has created many interesting systems...

2020-11-23 - ST, Schneider Electric

Advanced People-Counting Solution using AI on STM32 MCU

AI at the very edge enables digital attendance monitoring for smart buildings...

2020-11-17 - Bill Schweber

Battery charging solutions offer EV roadside assistance

Three battery charging solutions address EV driver anxiety by developing portable units for roadside emergencies.

- Magnus Karlsson

Optimize the control loop for power-converter designs

Software allows designers to perform investigations themselves rather than relying on power module suppliers.