2019-01-18 - Adrian Lita

Energy monitoring in DC systems

Energy monitoring and management is critical for battery-operated gadgets, but it’s useful in many other applications, like software-defined wide area networks. Shunt resistors can be combined with microprocessors to do it efficiently.

2019-01-14 - Brian King

Adding a single capacitor to improve cross-regulation in dual-output flyback power supplies

Proper placement of a single capacitor can improve cross-regulation across all loading conditions.

2019-01-04 - Bill Schweber, EE Times/EDN/Planet Analog

Advanced Tech Gives Insight into Battery’s Behavior

What other electronic-related operations or processes would be nice to observe in real time, and yet not affect the on-going operation itself?

2018-12-05 - Peter Millett

Recycling energy in DC motor drives

This article describes how energy can be fed back from a motor to a power source from a mechanical system, and how it can be dealt with in motor drive electronics.

2018-11-22 - Sheng-Yang Yu

Power Tips #84: Think outside the LLC series resonant converter box

Design a modified CLL multi-resonant converter.

2018-11-20 - Marten Seth & Bernard Ryan

A MEMS switch for wireless power transfer

A MEMS contact switch can be used to optimize impedance matching in resonant wireless power transfer systems for electric vehicles and other products.

2018-10-29 - Bob Witte

Power transfer and phase basics

In this first post to "Fun with Fundamentals," Bob Witte explains how phase affects the measurement of electrical power as it relates to voltage and current.

2018-10-23 - Bonnie Baker

Battery current sensing techniques

In the classical current-sensing circuit, designing for the sense resistor can bring unwelcome challenges. This saves board space and provides a four-decade sensing range.

2018-10-22 - Jeff Schnabel

US and EU 62368-1 dates harmonized: Ready to transition?

The date for the new 62368-1 hazard-based safety standards to supersede the outgoing 60950-1 and 60065 standards is now harmonized in both the US and EU.

2018-10-04 - Steve Taranovich

APEC reaches out to the next generation of designers & engineers

One of the most important groups are students, most of whom can’t afford the costs of the trip and other expenses. We need this next generation to see what Power Management is all about, out here in the real world.