2018-10-01 - Bill Schweber

The burned-out bulb mystery

Sometimes we have to just give up and walk away from diagnosing the actual source of a fault or failure, since the available data or number of units needed for observation and evaluation are insufficient.

2018-09-21 - Eric Braun , Chiahsin Chang , Jinghai Zhou & Huaifeng Wang

Analysis and simulation of PCB ACR losses for Vcore DrMOS optimization

PCB main-loop ripple current resistive losses are often neglected and overlooked as a switching power supply loss component.

2018-08-31 - Bill Schweber

The self-powered current loop: Still a transducer-interface option

Although its capabilities are far less than those of many advanced transducer interconnections, the decades-old current loop may still be the best choice for many longer-distance, higher-noise situations.

2018-08-28 - John Betten

Power Tips: Isolating a SEPIC

The SEPIC is a nonisolated topology. However, as with a flyback, you can easily add additional transformer windings to create isolated outputs.

2018-08-10 - Nathan Enger

Care and feeding of FPGA power supplies

This article will discuss constraining specifications for the Altera Arria 10 FPGA, and what they mean for a power supply design.

2018-08-09 - Bill Schweber

Linear thinking about motors

Most engineers think of motors as rotating arrangements, but some designs need linear motion.

2018-07-24 - John Dunn

Cascaded fans for cooling semiconductor assemblies

Air cooling of semiconductor assemblies is often aided by the use of a fan, but can you get greater air flow by using two fans in cascade?

2018-07-16 - Bill Schweber

Measuring powerful laser output takes a forceful approach

Instead of calorimetry for measurement of high-power laser output levels, a contrary approach uses the force of radiation pressure on a highly-reflective mirror.

2018-06-07 - Bill Schweber

Don’t let ESR waste power and cook capacitors

Equivalent series resistance not only degrades RF performance, but it wastes power and can cause the capacitor to exceed its dissipation rating.

2018-05-31 - Ebby Darney Paulraj & Dora Arul Selvi B

Sensorless controlled inverter drive for BLDC motors

This article aims at contributing to the performance enhancement of brushless DC motor drive systems.