2022-06-24 - QuickLogic Corp.

QuickLogic and eTopus launch flexible eFPGA chiplet template

QuickLogic and eTopus' disaggregated eFPGA-enabled chiplet template delivers design flexibility and bandwidth for high performance applications.

2022-05-04 - Majeed Ahmad

eFPGA IP: Raising the SoC design game

Here is how the eFPGA technology is cashing in on the SoC design movement with a matrix of new possibilities for chip designs.

2021-09-23 - Thomas Scarborough

RFL-class logic gates

A new class of logic gates offers robust characteristics, low power consumption, and the ability to run on a very wide range of supply voltages, output currents, and so on.

2021-09-14 - Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd

Samsung receives global carbon footprint certification for logic chips

Four of Samsung's System LSI products received product carbon footprint label certification from the Carbon Trust.

2021-07-01 - Micah McDaniel, Texas Instruments

Developing the first orbiting IC

Bob Cook had a knack for trouble-shooting semiconductors. Jack Kilby tapped Cook as TI's lead engineer on an early NASA project.

2017-09-13 - Rick Merritt

AI Chip Rides Novel Networks

BrainChip released what it claims is the first hardware accelerator for spiking neural networks and is working on an ASIC that could be available within two years.