2020-05-14 - Dzianis Lukashevich, Felix Sawo

Turning big data into smart data with embedded AI

The systems and architectures for data processing are becoming more and more complex. Only with relevant, high quality, and useful…

2019-05-08 - Steve Taranovich

Improving Kinematic Control of Robots

Kinematic models are used instead of dynamic ones because they are simpler, and these types of robots just use the…

2017-06-06 - Arizona State University

Robot design gets tips from sea turtles

Arizona State University's turtle-bot takes a page from nature on how to navigate different types of terrain.

2017-01-17 - Panasonic

Panasonic plans robot demo at hotel, airport

Panasonic's HOSPI(R) autonomous delivery robot does not need equipment and guide tapes, allowing low-cost changes in delivery destinations and layout.

2016-12-29 - Martin Rowe

Are engineers driving job losses?

Robots can do some things that would be difficult, dangerous or simply impossible for people to do.

2016-12-23 - Graham Prophet

Igus brings the AllSpark to robotic arms

RS Components has introduced two robot arm construction kits that allow the use of four axes, four degrees of freedom,…

2016-12-14 - IDC

IDC: Robots gearing to take over jobs race by 2020

IDC has forecasted that robotics is set to accelerate the talent race, potentially leaving 35% of robotics-related jobs vacant by…