2022-03-21 - Renesas Electronics Corp.

Renesas announces SIL3 certified solutions for both ARM Cortex-based MCUs

Renesas now offers IEC 61508 SIL3 certified self-test software for both ARM Cortex-M23 and -M33-based MCUs.

2020-11-23 - Frederik Dostal

When the flyback converter reaches its limits

Although flyback converters are very popular, this topology has practical limitations...

- Maxim Integrated

Li+ Fuel Gauge IC Featuring Continuous Internal Self-Discharge Monitoring & Protection

MAX17320 2 to 4 series cell Li-ion fuel gauge IC is industry’s first to monitor self-discharge during operation while extending battery life with highest accuracy and lowest quiescent current

2020-08-19 - Maurizio Di Paolo Emilio

Study exposes active driving assistance systems remain flawed

According to a study from the AAA, active driving assistance (ADA) systems that automate steering and braking in a growing number of vehicles are not providing reliable safety benefits...

2020-08-06 - Chris Tapp

Compilers in the alien world of functional safety

Across sectors, the world of functional safety puts new requirements on developers. Functionally safe code must include defensive code to defend against...

2020-07-23 - Donal McCarthy

Radar, the car’s virtual eye

Faster, higher resolution radar sensors have enabled the next generation of driver assistance technologies through improvements in vehicle safety and comfort in view...

2020-07-20 - Smith

Smith Achieves Global Certification to ISO 45001

Smith’s commitment to protecting employee health and safety is recognized

2020-06-03 - Mathias Fritzson

Software-defined automobiles: An efficient platform for essential parallelization

Are we at a critical juncture in how the industry moves forward with software-defined automobiles? As automotive functionality increases and certification...

2020-05-27 - Antoine Dubois, Erik Santiago

Safely controlling an EV traction inverter

Safety is the prime concern when designing electric vehicle (EV) inverters and their control systems. This article discusses the requirements and outlines Safety is the prime concern when designing electric vehicle, or EV, inverters and their control systems...

2020-05-15 - Colin Halladay

How to ace your regulatory compliance test

In order to guide organizations to starting an effective compliance test program, there are a few crucial mechanisms that need to be in place...