2017-04-21 - EDN Asia

Hall switch adds magnet polarity discrimination

When used in combination with a microcontroller, the S-5718 can identify the polarity of nearby magnets.

2017-03-29 - EDN Asia

Tuneable sensor enables precise daylight management

The AS7225 is equipped with the embedded tri-stimulus CIE XYZ colour sensor to enable precise colour sensing with direct mapping to the CIE 1931 colour space.

2017-03-14 - On Semiconductor

Image sensor helps minimise overall x-ray exposure

With a resolution of 9MP, the KAF-09001 shares the same high sensitivity, low-noise 12µm pixels as the existing KAF-09000.

2017-03-09 - Junko Yoshida

Why ToF sensors need to target VR, AR apps

Miniaturised MEMS ultrasound sensors embedded onto the AR/VR head unit offer a 360-degree immersive experience.

- Junko Yoshida

Elliptic Labs: Gesture controls don’t go anywhere

Elliptic Labs firmly believes such simpler, proximity-based sensing is more easily understood.

- Junko Yoshida

Understanding micro-gestures

Radars can replicate the ability of an optical sensor to detect motion and capture gestures as well as detect micro-gestures like finger movement.

- Junko Yoshida

Sensors go beyond human touch

There is no such thing as one-size-fits-all sensor, but the product segments pursued by sensor suppliers are similar: smart speakers and IoT devices.

2017-03-06 - Frauhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits

Sensors ensure washroom dispensers are never empty

The battery-operated CWS Washroom Information Service system monitors the fill levels of soap dispensers, cotton towel rolls and toilet paper.

2017-03-02 - Allegro

Allegro extends safety apps on industrial motors

Allegro's A1338 0° to 360° angular position sensor device adds more muscles for heavy-duty vehicles.

- Allegro

360° angle sensor ICs add safety critical support

Allegro’s A1337 and A1338 devices feature advanced diagnostics to support safety-critical automotive & industrial applications.