2017-02-23 - Julien Happich

Cell-infused hydrogels serve as biochemical sensors

A research team from MIT has developed cell-infused hydrogels that glow after touching chemically contaminated surface.

2017-02-21 - Chua Chee Seong

Sensors replace senses

Our ability to assimilate complexity is remarkable, and this is not just limited to sight and sound. We build driving intuition, says Infineon's Chua Chee Seong.

2017-01-31 - EPC

eGaN FETs ride dev board for enhanced LiDAR performance

The EPC9126 board can accommodate an EPC2001C 100V eGaN FET with a pulse current rating of up to 150A for users needing higher current capability.

2017-01-26 - Graham Prophet

ToF 3D chip offers <1.5ms raw data output

Melexis’ chipset integrates 1/3-inch optical ToF sensor and companion IC that controls the sensor and illumination unit and delivers data.

2017-01-11 - OmniVision Technologies

14MP image sensor powers automotive imaging apps

OmniVision’s OV9716 brings 1,392 x 976 resolution at up to 60fps in a 1/3.8in optical format with more than 120dB dynamic range.

2017-01-09 - Bosch

Sensor-based devices target IoT, logistics

The Bosch’s sensor-based solutions improve comfort, convenience and accountability, and simplify the development of IoT applications.

2016-12-02 - Allegro MicroSystems

BiCMOS monolithic IC features Hall sensing

A key feature of the A1342 is its ability to produce a highly linear device output for non-linear input magnetic fields.

2016-11-28 - R. Colin Johnson

Bosch to integrate 9-axis inertial sensor complements

The company also plans to add environmental sensors in a 2.5mm package.

2016-11-22 - TDK

Size is no bar for TDK’s new piezo actuators

TDK claims its piezo actuators deliver high acceleration and force, low insertion height and short response time despite compact size.

2016-11-16 - Ams AG

Evaluation kit features humidity, temperature sensor

The CCS811-LG_EK_ST kit combines two environmental sensors from Ams: the CCS811 and the ENS210.