2016-11-16 - Ams AG

Evaluation kit features humidity, temperature sensor

The CCS811-LG_EK_ST kit combines two environmental sensors from Ams: the CCS811 and the ENS210.

2016-11-09 - ams AG

Sensor IC provides up to 70°C temperature output

The ENS210 draws just 40nA in stand-by mode and 7.1µA in active measurement mode (sampling at 1Hz).

2016-11-04 - Maxim Integrated Products

Sensor platform reduces design time for health apps

The hSensor platform includes an hSensor board, complete firmware with drivers, a debugger board and GUI.

2016-10-19 - Julien Happich

0.3mm flexible fingerprint sensor achieves 500dpi

The sensor can capture veins, providing a second level of security since each user’s finger vein pattern is unique.

2016-10-17 - Patrick Mannion

5 unique MEMS and sensor tech to watch

A ToF range sensor for VRs, a phone case and a gas sensor are a few of the hot technologies up for review at the MEMS & Sensors Executive Congress.

2016-09-13 - Fujitsu

Palm vein sensor accurately IDs person from 10,000 hands

Palm vein authentication, which reads the pattern of veins in the palm, offers the benefits of being highly accurate and difficult to forge.

2016-08-25 - Christoph Hammerschmidt

Delphi, Mobileye kick the pedal for highly automated driving

The central pillars of Mobileye’s product strategy are the EQ4/5 platforms that generate 360° awareness for the car.