2022-08-12 - Brian Dipert

A look inside an HDD

Usually when a drive dies, this engineer just either apply a strong magnet or a heavy sledgehammer to it to render the information stored on it inaccessible to others, then toss it. But recent events gave him an inspection opportunity.

2022-03-17 - Apacer

Apacer’s latest industrial PCIe Gen4 x4 SSD suitable for 5G, smart healthcare applications

Apacer's PCIe Gen4 x4 SSD provides double the bandwidth and data transfer rate, and extremely lower power consumption.

2021-08-09 - NI

NI and Seagate partner to improve how data accelerates AV technology

NI and Seagate Technology Holdings are collaborating to enhance data storage and transfer services.

2021-06-16 - ACN Newswire

Showa Denko and Seagate to jointly develop HAMR-based HD media

Showa Denko is collaborating with Seagate to develop next-generation HDD media based on Heat Assisted Magnetic Recording (HAMR) technology.

2020-11-24 - Steffen Allert

Selecting storage for your industrial application

When considering a flash storage media that should satisfy the rigorous demands of an industrial environment, engineers may want to pay particular attention to temperature, industrial levels of testing, life-time support, and long-term availability...

2020-10-22 - Analog Devices

Powering the world with energy storage technology

Electric Vehicles (EVs) are considered the future of transportation as a green alternative to combustion engines and fossil fuels...

2020-07-15 - Morgan Chen-Chih Wang

Applying innovative FanFET technology to 3D-NAND Flash

This article introduces the innovative Fan type Field Effect Transistor (FanFET) technology applied to 3D-NAND Flash flash memory and a simple concept that extends to circuits of digital logic...

2020-05-13 - Rajan Bedi

On-board mass memory requirements for the new space age

NAND flash technology offers a potential non-volatile solution to enable future on-board mass memory needs for Earth-observation

2017-10-24 - John Dunn

Storage charge: an enemy and a friend

The effect of storage charge is that when a diode is carrying a current in its forward conduction mode, getting that current to stop flowing is a process that doesn't just happen right away.