2019-07-12 - Richard Quinnell

Designing hardware for data privacy

Ensuring privacy of electronic data requires data security, but a secure design does not necessarily assure data privacy. Developers must…

2019-07-04 - Ayusman Mohanty

Simplify test of embedded video interfaces

Production testing a video interface's complete path from the analog or digital front-end to the digital video input of a…

2019-06-07 - Jitendra Mohan

Connectivity central to mainstreaming AI, machine learning workloads

There is a race to make AI results relevant, reliable, and readily available. Only those with AI models trained on…

2019-05-20 - Steve Taranovich

How the Sigmoid Function is Used in AI

The sigmoid logistic function was introduced by Pierre François Verhulst, who devised it as a model of population growth by…

2019-05-08 - Martin Rowe

Student drone launches from portable base

Seniors at WPI show off their engineering projects to the public. The Oddisy Drone Dispatch System lets a drone stay…

2019-02-22 - Richard Quinnell

Creating a custom processor with RISC-V

The RISC-V instruction set architecture is an open framework that allows design of a customized processor that can leverage tools…

2019-02-12 - Dave Rich

Design patterns in SystemVerilog OOP for UVM verification

See how SystemVerilog supports templates for generic code writing using parameterized classes, and some of the design patterns in the…

2019-02-01 - Richard Quinnell

3D vision gives robots guidance

Many options exist for 3D machine vision, each addressing different application needs.

2018-09-14 - Robin Bornoff

Improve accuracy of electrical system thermal simulation with full-circuit 3D modeling

Full-circuit electro-thermal simulation, using an IGBT power inverter as an example, accounts for power dissipation and temperature variations throughout the…