2020-05-13 - Bill Schweber

Terahertz waves and acoustic modulation: A datalink “Odd Couple”?

Researchers have mixed two radically different forms of energy waves, using laser-generated acoustic pulses to modulate terahertz waves generated by…

2019-09-30 - M. Di Paolo Emilio

The need for Gate Driver ICs for motion control

The increase in the adoption of engine control, smart grid and smart home technology and the increased need for high…

2017-08-15 - MIT

Tiny terahertz laser redirects 80% of light

Since most terahertz radiation applications require directed light, researchers have found a way to redirect most of the light that…


Share app functions across devices

Virtualisation enables existing applications to share their functionality without modification, delivering a scenario more powerful than Apple's Handover feature.

2017-08-03 - Panasonic

Sensors detect driver drowsiness

Panasonic's technology detects and predicts a driver's drowsiness using non-contact measurement of blinking features and facial expressions.

2017-07-31 - Arizona State University

RNA circuits induce cells to carry out computations

The circuit designs, which resemble conventional electronic circuits, self-assemble in bacterial cells, allowing them to sense incoming messages and respond…

2017-07-19 - Vivek Nanda

Battery-free cellphone eliminates A-D to save power

The cellphone is the first battery-free phone that can send and receive calls by harvesting either ambient light or radio…

2017-07-12 - University of Wisconsin-Madison

Thin photodetector circulates light in nano-cavities

The single-crystalline germanium nano-membrane photodetector combines a unique fabrication method and light-trapping structures, according to engineers.

2017-06-29 - University of Pittsburgh

Phone sensors predict binge drinking

Current smartphones incorporate multi-modal sensors that are able to collect meta-data that help infer when drinking occasions are either occurring…

2017-06-28 - EDN Asia

Solar-powered sensor remotely monitors soil condition

For faster and accurate monitoring, Lapis Semiconductor has combined low-power MCUs, communication devices and temperature sensors with pH and EC…