2017-04-03 - EDN Asia

Vibration lets furniture move on its own

The principle may be useful for displacing large objects in situations where attaching wheels or complete lifting is impossible.

2017-03-20 - ETH Zurich

Micro flow battery to power future computer chips

The battery aims to supply future computer chip stacks with electrical power while also being cooled at the same time.

2017-03-07 - Georgia Institute of Technology

Nanogenerators boost mass spectrometer sensitivity

Triboelectric nanogenerators use triboelectric effect and electrostatic induction to generate small amounts of electrical power from mechanical motion.

2017-03-06 - Jennifer Langston

Laser-based camera peeks inside blood vessels

The scanning fibre endoscope illuminates tissues with multiple laser beams and digitally reconstructs high-definition images of the carotid artery.

2017-03-01 - University College London

Photoacoustic effect controls ultrasound fields in 3D

The photoacoustic effect occurs when a short pulse or modulated source of light is absorbed by a material, producing a…

2017-02-20 - Julien Happich

Chip lab collects nanoparticles via sound waves

Researchers have combined single vortex acoustic streaming with an acoustic radiation force to enrich particles within the small capillary volume.

- Panasonic

Museum guide for visually impaired uses location info

The system enables visitors' smartphones to receive a signal from the highly directional beacon installed above the artwork.

2017-02-16 - Julien Happich

LED project develops large-area foil luminaires

A Finnish consortium is integrating the Delphi4LED structure to implement thin, flexible light source for lighting and display applications.

- University of California Irvine

mmWave generator could power Star Trek-like tricorder

Known as a “radiator,” the tiny gadget emits millimetre-wave signals in the G band (110 to 300GHz).

2017-02-14 - EDN Asia

Achromatic flat lens cuts imager size, weight

Harvard scientists' metalens is the first to work across a continuous blue-to-green bandwidth from 490nm to 550nm without chromatic dispersion.