2020-05-14 - Dzianis Lukashevich, Felix Sawo

Turning big data into smart data with embedded AI

The systems and architectures for data processing are becoming more and more complex. Only with relevant, high quality, and useful…

2020-05-13 - Rajan Bedi

On-board mass memory requirements for the new space age

NAND flash technology offers a potential non-volatile solution to enable future on-board mass memory needs for Earth-observation

2020-05-12 - Kendall Castor-Perry

Analyze FIR filters using high-school algebra

This article looks at some fundamental facts about FIR filter responses, using some basic math you might even remember from…

2020-05-11 - Frederik Dostal

Quiet and efficient switching regulators

A major challenge for numerous applications is the interference inherent to a switching regulator because it can generate both conducted…

2020-05-08 - Tim Dhuyvetter

Improving haptic feedback with piezoelectric transducers

Introduction to piezoelectric haptics provides the pros and cons of each and details piezoelectric transducer principles, theory, and modelling along…

2020-05-05 - Geoff Schulteis

How to get better wireless performance for mobile devices with small PCBs

If the product design is to include an antenna, especially if it is using a small PCB, we would recommend…

2020-04-30 - WhaleTeq

Test wearable devices with reflectance-based pulse oximeter function

This test is based on the reflectance-based pulse oximeter wearable device, and the transmissive pulse oximeter device is also tested…

2017-08-10 - Martin Brown

How to build your own oscilloscope probe

To view fast transitions, an oscilloscope with at least 1GHz bandwidth is needed. Unfortunately, most commercially available voltage and current…

- Martin Brown

Noise considerations for DIY oscilloscope probes

Within self-designed 50Ω probes, the effects of transmission lines on measurements need to be considered because every connection creates impedance…

- Paul Rako

Testing the Fluke meters

Making a bad design efficiently is not an optimal business practice. Thing is, engineers value on trusted brands so maybe…