2017-07-07 - John Dunn

Adding more control in PIN diodes

Adding a parallel shunt resistor across the PIN diode can may offer some diode control benefit. Here's an example of…

2017-06-30 - Steve Sandler

2 VNA methods accurately measure ceramic capacitors

Two simple techniques result in accurate, wideband, frequency measurements by extending the range of a vector-network analyser.

2017-06-29 - Michael Steffes

Analysing FDA to drive ADC performance – Part 1

Learn to calculate fully differential amplifier (FDA) output spot noise and find example designs showing calculated, measured and simulated results.

- Michael Steffes

Analysing FDA to drive ADC performance – Part 2

Using a Texas Instruments DAQ optimised for low distortion and noise precision design using the THS4521 FDA to drive the…

- Michael Steffes

Analysing FDA to drive ADC performance – Part 3

The design calculations will give you an idea of how to compare solutions and identify key terms in an FDA…

2017-05-25 - Singh Amrit & Atulesh Kansal

Negative tests for SoC security validation – Part 2

Since equipment for security testing is usually expensive negative checks can be done to validate and ensure SoC security.

2017-03-14 - Adnan Hamid

Users, makers map portable test, stimulus standard

The Accellera Portable Stimulus is modelled by users and tool developers with new and existing tools and methodologies to coexist.

- Adnan Hamid

Search is on for new system-level verification

The Accellera Portable Stimulus utilises graph coverage to verify every path through the design for single-standard verification uses.

2017-03-06 - Steve Taranovich

Voice command ‘solution’ in a whisper

The Whisper Voice IC, which boasts voice extraction filter sans voice signal distortion, detects voice up to 5m away from…

- Steve Taranovich

What makes voice command essential?

Voice command in real-world environment requires ASR and NLP that entail audio analysis, noise and voice distinction to be functional.