2021-06-17 - Arthur Pini

Acquisition memory in a digitizing instrument

Acquisition memory length is an important specification that can affect a digitizing instrument's sampling rate and bandwidth.

2021-06-15 - Kenneth Wyatt

Simulating radiated emissions on the bench

This successful trick can be used to simulate radiated emissions on the bench.

2021-06-09 - Keith Szolusha and Brandon Nghe, Analog Devices Inc.

How to use LTspice to produce bode plots for LED drivers

Proper control loop phase and gain measurements should be made by factory experts possessing (expensive) equipment and commensurate experience. For…

2021-05-28 - RIGOL Technologies

RIGOL rack-mount oscilloscope targeted at high-throughput, high-channel count systems

RIGOL's DS8000-R rack-mount digital oscilloscope provides up to 2GHz bandwidth and the same jitter and real-time eye analysis, power analysis,…

2021-05-25 - Tom Duclos

Test wiring harnesses and control equipment with audible ohmmeter design

This circuit allows for "heads up" testing of wiring harnesses and control equipment, and various components.

2021-05-17 - Kenneth Wyatt

Review: LCR meters are a handy tool to have in your kit

LCR meters are a handy tool to have in your kit, especially now that surface mount devices are the norm…

2021-05-12 - NI

NI accelerates AV development through monoDrive acquisition

The acquisition of monoDrive expands NI's reach in the ADAS and simulation markets.

2021-05-04 - Frank Büchner

Improving test case quality with mutation testing

This article shows how mutation testing can be applied to improve the quality of your test cases; problems that are…

2021-04-29 - Mark Pitchford

Ending the confrontation between functional safety and Agile software

When it comes to confrontation between the functional safety and Agile software worlds, there is truth on both sides and…

2021-04-27 - Rajan Bedi

Simplify satellite payload testing with AWTs

Arbitrary waveform transceivers offer the potential of a single-box measurement solution for testing a satellite transponder.