2017-05-26 - Martin Rowe

Linking design and manufacturing

Product engineers play a crucial part in the development of a device. Maxim Integrated's product-engineering lab showcases tasks for which…

2017-05-25 - Martin Rowe

A day in Maxim’s product engineering lab

A day in Maxim Integrated's product engineering lab opens your eyes to the different tasks they perform to make sure…

2017-05-11 - EDN Asia

USB-based spectrum analyser adds built-in bias tee

The TTR500 Series offers a full 2-port, 2-path S-parameter VNA for applications such as measuring passive/active components, antennas and matching…

2017-04-26 - EDN Asia

R&S introduces flexible IoT test system for Cat 1

The R&S TS 290 test system is made up of an R&S CMW290 functional radio communication tester and the R&S…

2017-02-28 - Graham Prophet

LXI digitisers sample signals at up to 5Gsample/sec

Each channel of a DN6.22x series digitiser features its own ADC, acquisition memory (1GSample/channel) and independent signal conditioning circuitry.

2017-02-24 - Rohde & Schwarz

Radio comms tester adds IEEE 802.11ac signalling

The R&S CMW500 wideband radio communication tester can be used to measure LTE-WLAN traffic offloading or analyse coexistence interference in…

2017-02-14 - Martin Rowe

DesignCon 2017: PAM4 catching on, but remains in flux

While PAM4 and forward error correction may have solved the bandwidth problem (for now), they've created a new set of…

2017-01-12 - Tim Regan and James Mahoney

Linear Technology’s damage evaluation on amplifier

A curve tracer shows the current vs voltage characteristic when overdriving specific pin combinations.

2017-01-09 - Rohde & Schwarz

R&S VTx video tester supports HLG-capable devices

The R&S VTC/VTE/VTS tester family is based on the flexible T&M module for HDMI and HDR tests.

2017-01-05 - Bruce Archambeault

Understanding near-field probe scanning

Near-field measurements are easily misinterpreted and significant care is needed to ensure proper conclusions are drawn.